Darkness in New Orleans

Memory in Living Color

I don't have a lot of happy memories from when I was a kid. A face of a beautiful woman taking me to school for the first time. A face that I can't remember clearly anymore. A stern face of a man when I broke the TV  because I was running around the house. Again, can't remember it clearly. But at some point early in the second grade, that all changed. It was a bright and sunny day when my parents left me in the alley. From that day on, the world darkened and greyed. Everything slowly became muted. Three months,  cops thought I was lying. No one, not even the bums who saw my parents leave me there believed me.

Then as if by some perfect design, while I was hungry and didn't know what to do, Lee said, "if you want it kid, there is a pizza in the dumpster." Once Lee was there, the world seemed full of color again. I noticed patterns in the bricks and street and even in the green dumpsters with the big WMs. So I took a look into the dumpster and there was a hot pizza that I wanted. The first time in nearly week I had good food. Then over the next few weeks, he taught me. Learned to defend myself, pick pocket only when I needed to. Begging never worked, no one noticed me. After a few months, I was able to live and Lee would come and go.

All this for the Tie It Off Club. Besides the amazing jazz and letting someone my age into the place, the purple drink was like meeting Lee for the first time again. The world burst open with colors and new sounds. Cat people, dwarves, and beautiful women I couldn't describe if I ever tried. And I learned what it was like to be a cat. The princess was asking me about a whole bunch things I didn't understand but she let me have a request. I'd be lying if I told didn't want to you, screw her… even right there on the counter. She seemed really sweet on me. But we still needed help with the Man with the red eyes, so I asked for help. I'm not sure what would have happened if I asked for the other thing.

Now Lady Priss. She is stunningly purfect. White kitty girl for most of the night. Shortly after we left the club though her whiskers and white fur disappeared.  I'm pretty sure she had a tail as well. But even blue jeans and a t shirt looked gorgeous. The cat ears were a little off, but that was fine. And then gun totting psycho bitches manage to turn a helpful person into a suspect like I had brought home a heroine junkie.  Every time with those two. Every single time. I can't seem to meet new people without their first choice being to shot them. Maybe Adelaide will chill out, apparently she screwed a werewolf. It almost looked like a fun thing to do. 


marionnen marionnen

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