Darkness in New Orleans

Shit, Shit, SHIT!!

The Hell is wrong with me?!

I fell asleep on watch! I never do that! Fuck! What if the Tech heads had come crashing in while I was asleep? Apparently someone did because they left a damn threatening letter and caused a shit ton of mess. I'm lucky as all Hell that that was all that happened. I'm lucky Layla is still here. Lucky that Lan was all right. I had one fucking job and I slipped up.

I can't afford to mess up like this. Can't afford to…lose anyone. Can't afford to fail…period. I swear, Allison and Adelaide better not let me live this down because I certain as Hell won't. There just isn't enough words for how pissed off at myself I am for this. You don't mess up like this and walk away scot-free.

Just I literally had the lives of two people in my hands, and just like that I put their lives at risk. You just don't make that mistake. Ever.


marionnen IzumiRyu

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