Darkness in New Orleans

Spiders in the Church

All this began after breakfast. Like half the crap with the cabal, at least I got to eat this time.

I've never been a fan of the churches. Most of them are creepy and even when i was first one the street before help found me, I heard stories about "touchy" priests with kids. I don't often go to churches. You can steal shoes from them occasionally. All Saints made me feel out of place, even when I went back.  After breakfast, after lunch; we took Layla to go see the "Good reverend Williams" he started trying to take her to his office.

The fight was quick, but that baton I counted on as a kid, keeps slipping from my hand now. Phreak Weasel smacked the living hell out of the priest though. I think he died. EMS and cops and Tech Heads. I couldn't tell if it was a good time to hug Layla, but I kept trying. I finally got one time right. My shoulder was a little wet when she pulled away but she seemed a little happier, if that's the right word.

It gets weirder. Adelaide spoke Layla's father. That ass hat Dr Thorton seems to want Layla for some reason. Then the bikers came back. I looked around and they seemed to want to fight one on one. Some in weird ways like with a gameboy. I haven't ever played with one but they plugged them together. Adelaide was waving her hands around before doing what she does best and shooting things. What do i get for a fight. You want to know?  Knight rider head wants to stare at me until he disappeared. Just poof and gone. But I wouldn't want to continue existing with motorcycle parts poked into my flesh either. 

Can't believe I'm saying this, but the Tech heads saved the day. Layla seemed to recover from whatever they were doing to her. All I know I ain't doing shit for the next couple days. Maybe talk with Lee and Bunny.


marionnen marionnen

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