Darkness in New Orleans

That was awesome!!

I really like sex. Well. I'm getting ahead of myself.

The crazy gun totting bitch was helpful. Lee told something about mages that are crazy and refuse to follow the laws of reality. Dozen or so bikers come driving through the area. I wasn't paying that close attention but it didn't look like any of them had the same motorcycle, all different, all weird. They had axes and all other manner of weapons too. Then she was helpful for a moment, she took there and tried to escape but one of the bikers teleported in her way. From there, I couldn't tell exactly what happened but she was on her back. We took off to the chantry.

That's when I met Nora. I ask for directions and I get kissed. Out of nowhere. Random horny chick. Now, I have no idea how I held my cool long enough to get help. I found Jewel's second in command and sent her downstairs. Then I let go. I went over to kiss Nora and next thing I know. My world was rocked. Is it even okay to talk about this? I know a lot of guys would brag, but if I talk about too much about it, I wonder if I won't get another chance. Although I remember why I don't like most drugs, whatever pill she gave me had me touching everything… in my underwear. Apparently I left them on the roof.

Some of the details are a little fuzzy, but I remember a very cold shower. Something about my palm being cut with a bone. Then things became clearer. I saw Bunny after all that and it felt so weird. Ya know when you think someone is digging you and they ask you if you just got laid. I couldn't tell if she was jealous, amused or ya know, proud. I hugged her but I don't know if she wanted it or if I needed it. I always feel weird around her. she did let me know about Reverend Williams.

Another bag of weird in a two days. The All Saints Church had the creepiest feeling I've had in a while. That includes the conversation with Bunny. I couldn't put my finger on the feeling but it was creepy. Not many people wake up with bugs crawling them but I have. It felt like that. For now, we are going to the reverend after services. Jim was able to pay for breakfast but now I have to worry about where to sleep since the men in black are looking for us again.  Now I have to figure out where to sleep at night again.


marionnen marionnen

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