Darkness in New Orleans

That Was Uncalled For

Seriously, the girl is grieving, lost, and the first thing you guys think of is a joke? I may be 'just a kid', but even I know better than that, more than these assholes know. I don't know what they were thinking. You seriously don't make light of something like…this.

I'll…have some time to sort this shit out…hopefully. This has been a busy weekend. Attacking a research hospital, hit by a car, chasing after a brawler that could beat the shit out of me with a thought, a demonic priest, and now Ghost Rider wannabes? It's getting a bit much.

Layla should be fine, hopefully. Losing your family like that so suddenly, that's too much on anyone, let alone anyone like…well…us. I just…hope she's willing to open up. It's not something easy to get over. It's been a couple years and I don't think I've completely gotten over it. She needs an outlet though, and soon.


marionnen IzumiRyu

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