Darkness in New Orleans

There Shall Be War, Chapter 2 Epilogue

27 March 1997, Thursday, 4:33 AM

"This is getting tiring, how many damn havens can they have?" Karen says to Avery as she steps away from the befuddled director of Parker Meadows Hospital.

"Dutch called, "Avery replies while rifling through hospital records. "Sebastian pulled some strings in the mayor's office to get a stay on construction in the whole subdivision of Lady Anne Place out in Bywater. Sounds like they're going to level the place and start over again. The whole 'gas explosion' bit is going to start to get trite though. The media are asking too many questions. That shock jock, Kid Kellex on WNOZ is already calling these things a conspiracy."

Karen pulls out a new Virginia Slim and lights it up. "Well, we got rid of Trixie, but it seems her replacement is still selling explosives. We're gonna have to put an end to that. The Court doesn't like it when we try to impose strictures. I understand Kindred wanting to protect themselves, but there's far too much military hardware out there. And for all we know some sloppy neonate could be leaving these weapons around for the Sabbat to find them."

"I hate faeries," Avery grunts, pulling out a file and examining it closely.

Avery hands Karen the file after looking it over. "Rae Lyndon, some recent arrival. Seems like Dr. O' Hannigan was giving her a lot of privileges for some reason. Unusual for a doctor to trust a mental patient so much. You think she might be a Sabbat sleeper with the doctor under her control?"

Karen looks over the file for a few moments and lets her cigarette burn on an ashtray, "No, that seems unlikely. Too many people are missing from this ward. If the Sabbat had long-term plans to hide here, they wouldn't have made it so obvious. No, this was done to hurt us. Imagine what a breach of the Masquerade it would be if this had gotten out. We're just lucky our friend showed up before the police did."

"Got that for sure," Avery nods in agreement, "and what about this one? Daphne Vivas? Also unaccounted for, but according to your 'interviews' not one of the ones they took the night before. Holy shit! I didn't see these notes before. Black-belt in Tae-Kwon Do and Krav Maga. Claimed political asylum from persecution in Guatemala, but claims she spent eight years as a resistance fighter. This one is probably dangerous as a mortal. If they Embraced her…"

"I know," Karen says, picking up her cigarette and taking a long puff, "they knew exactly who to take."


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