Evan Browning

Formerly a soldier. Currently a BDSM Master. Always a riot.


Evan Browning is a former intelligence officer who served the US Military in Bosnia. He embedded with the locals to gather information on troop movements, resistance forces, and potential, local threats. However, unbeknownst to him, the locals he had befriended were actually vampires.

After being captured by enemy forces, Evan was tortured for six months, before being set free by a vampire known as Hristina. She embraced him and fled the country with him, shortly before the allied bombings in 1994.

Together, they traveled the world, through Europe, into Paris, and then on to the US. Eventually, they ended up in New Orleans, where Hristina seemingly disappeared, leaving Evan to his own devices, and in the hands of the Camarilla of New Orleans. Now it’s him, his service dog, and whatever mess he finds himself in.

He has taken up residence in the 9th ward of New Orleans, where he now has a servant named 12 Gauge, a local “gang leader,” aspiring rapper, and small-time weed and food-stamp dealer (who happens to know Master P., personally).

Evan also works as a BDSM master at a local, fetish club, known as The Rabbit Hole.

Evan Browning

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