Former Alpha of the Arabi Pack (presumed deceased)


Hunter has led the Arabi Pack since 1993 when the previous pack alpha, Gerard, died a glorious death in battle against Caymar The Wyrm-Tainted. After avenging Gerard, Hunter took his place without challenge, pledging to fulfill his mentor’s long-held goal to reclaim the Bayou St. John caern once and for all. He is renowned as a fierce warrior and is the pride of the Uktena in Louisiana. Not all tribes hold him in high esteem, however. Some regard him as too narrow-minded to guide the pack and what remains of the sept in these final days.

Hunter holds many titles, among them: Alpha of Bayou St. John Sept, Alpha of the Arabi Pack, Guardian of the Dawn Stone, and Slayer of Caymar the Wyrm-Tainted.

On 25 March, 1997, Hunter led the Arabi Pack in a raid upon a covert Endron Energy facility on the shores of Lake Salvador. Spirits had told of a powerful bane being harbored there. Hunter and most of his pack never returned from the mission. He is presumed dead.


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