Lan Fang

Tea fixes everything. EVERYTHING.


Lan is a Verbena who specializes in tea-based magics. More than that, her belief in how her powers work REQUIRES that tea be a crucial component in her spells. This has a tendency to be expressed as not only beverages with special effects, but also as poultices and incenses. She currently runs the shop of her missing aunt. (Miss Lulu’s Tea House off Burgundy Street.) The building offers not only a good place to grow and store components, but a safe haven for those in need and a node as well.


Physically, Lan’s most notable feature is her petite stature. Indeed, this Verbena is less than four and a half feet tall and weighs just north of eighty pounds. Unfortunately, as one might guess, this means she’s not very strong, and not built to take a hit. However, she is fairly quick on her feet. She is of Asian descent, though she doesn’t speak much of the Chinese that lay in her heritage. As such, despite being in her early thirties, she looks approximately a decade younger than she is. Her matronly demeanor often betrays the truth, however.

Socially, she is reasonably adept. This friendly mage is unlikely to turn away any in need of help, unless they pointedly represent a threat to her chantry or others in her care. She makes enough friends, being in the business that she’s in, that she might occasionally influence some decisions in the background through conversation. As that implies, she has a manipulative streak. Thus far it has been a fairly benign one. However, despite her fairly average appearance, she is a reasonably charismatic individual. She does have a strong attachment to those she befriends, and she does have a fear of abandonment from the loss of family members over the years.

Mentally, Lan shines. She is reasonably bright, pays attention to what’s going on around her, and is extremely good at keeping her wits about her when the situation heats up. She reads in her free time, not possessing a TV, and dabbles in everything from medical textbooks, to scientific journals, and even a few novels on occasion, usually relating to the occult. Her familiarity with her local library coupled with her friendly demeanor make it easy for her to investigate a situation, or find the appropriate information associated.

Lan Fang

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