Writer Virtual Adept


A high school-aged Virtual Adept, Tyler’s reliant in using his writing for Correspondence and Mental magic. His laptop appears to be his only foci and possibly more to him. Around others, he tends to lack confidence in his own intelligence and abilities, opting to allow others more experienced than him to take over. That doesn’t mean he can’t find ways to make their plans work on his own. He’s quickly finding more confidence in acting on his own, not that he’s unaware of his limits, but more finding out what he’s capable of.

Though, he doesn’t seem to have as much connection with his avatar as others, his avatar doesn’t seem to have a fixed identity. When he is able to communicate with it, it tends to take on the identity of any of the characters of his stories (one at a time of course), suitable to what is needed at the time.

Though, he’s not very adept for physical combat at all, he can still take quite a few hits, just have problems dishing out hits himself.


Tyler’s birth parents were killed within the past couple of years under unknown circumstances. All Tyler knows is he went to bed one night with them being home, only to wake up the next morning and find out they were killed in some back country highway. It is unknown if they were involved in the World of Darkness at all, but if they were, his ignorance of it may have saved his life.

While he was still ‘in the system’ (CPS/whatever), a counselor gave Tyler a laptop to write with as a means of therapy. He had a disturbing tendency to bury himself in his stories and found himself left alone when doing so. It wasn’t long before he was adopted by a childless couple, who the husband worked in IT. The couple started home tutoring him after his tendency to go almost completely unnoticed by people, students and staff alike.

Shortly after his adoption, he started noticing things happening in reality that he only wrote about not long ago. When he realized what was going on, he checked one of the older stories, and found out it was a wish fulfillment story about being adopted so he wouldn’t be left alone. Putting two and two together, Tyler realized he may have influenced his new parents’ decision…possibly against their will. However, refusing to be abandoned again, he clinged on to them.

His new cabal has started to expand his family, as dysfunctional as it may be. He still defers a lot to the more experienced members of the team, but he’s finding himself more than capable of working within the group, and later finding ways to work on his own. He still finds himself alone in the crowd and dragged along (not unwillingly) into their plans, but he’s starting to find ways to make their plans work in his own way.

Views on other characters:

Adelaide: A mixed mother/father figure. Despite his desire to train up for physical combat, he hasn’t seen much in that way.

Allison: Completely off the wall and finds her calls for help ‘from the Emperor’ quite ridiculous, but can’t argue against its usefulness.

Phr34k W34z3l: Despite being a fellow Virtual Adept, Tyler hasn’t found much to connect with him. He tends to find his personality off-putting and more likely wanting to slap him upside the back of the head everytime he and Allison get into an argument or some crazy scheme. (As much as he’d like to do the same to Allison, he’s crazy, not suicidal.)

Lan: Much like the rest, Tyler doesn’t have much of a connection with Lan at this point. He appreciates the sanctuary she provides though.

Street Rat: You’d think he’d have more of a connection with a character closer to his age, but he can’t bring himself to feel much more than sympathy for the abandoned kid.

Jim. ‘Bayou Brawler’: He hasn’t been around long enough to get a true judgement on him, but that doesn’t make Tyler any less concerned for him. Tyler knows what a sudden change can do to someone way too well, so it’s no surprise when he chased after the fighter, he decided to follow him to keep track of him. Opting to let the man cope, but to keep an eye on him to make sure he remains safe.


K@ll!k: Wary trust of her, but he’d trust this VA more than most of the leaders. However, that doesn’t mean Tyler isn’t suspiscious of her.

James: Ever since he helped the VA out of his magical induced coma, he’s offered a hand out to him in case he’s ever needed.

Jewel: Tyler doesn’t know what to think of the Cult of Ecstacy’s leader, but doesn’t question her wisdom. However, he is curious about what she knows about his adopted father.

Crane: He distrusted the man from the start, but whatever magical effect he has on other seemed to calm him down for a time. The information he gained from K@ll!k about him solidified his distrust, and he’s trying to find a way to counteract his influence.


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