Zachery Paine

Well Dressed- (PsYcO) (deceased)


Description-A black brimmed bolero now sits on top of his head. His left eye seems to be covered by a weird looking monocle (His left eye is now covered with NVG goggle.). His out-fit is a suit that is a two-top ensemble the first is simply stretches past the stomach to mid-thigh plain silk black and quite a sheen that it reflects light. The second layer of the top is over the mid-section and patterned with blue and silver forking all around the top resembling the design of a thunderstorm. His shoes are black alligator hide with what looks to be silver tips. White complexion, average appearance with no facial hair. Long black curly hair, as of in a rock band style for the 80’s tied and pulled back that drops to just below his shoulders. He is about 6ft tall. Is a rather thin build to his arms. His face is thin and is pale which is unusual for his young appearance he looks still to be a teenager. On his right wrist, a Black Chrome Gucci time clock watch that’s face plate looks cracked (Time reads 12:00 and is not ticking).
Items on Person- Bent spoon (back inscription “eht rewop fo eht dnim!”), Keys, 1x pager Cam (brief texting), Pager to Mr. Green, Pager to Sabbat, 3x Wooden oak Stakes, Cell Phone


Background: Zach’s early years as a child were normal and peaceful nothing out of the ordinary for a child. His parents were the typical parents for the time. His mother had the traditional role we here so much of today as the stay at home mom. She also was not originally from the United States she was an immigrant from France. His father was a Veteran of the Vietnam War ERA and WWII. A man that was constantly lost in his own thought and probably the back lash he experienced from War. Zach was privately educated at home by his mother Irene Mary Paine. His Father Zachery West Paine Senior reached the rank of Major in the United States Armed Forces Army. His clearest memory from his child hood is that of his childhood friend that lived next door to him Thomas Kelly. Thomas himself was a year younger then Zach. This is when they Lived at Ft. Bragg the first time and the years had been relatively him there as a baby he would not keep Thomas as a friend as he would move within six months of that memory. As he was home schooled by his mother he learned French, and English from the time he could talk. He never was taught to be physically aggressive as he was limited in sports but he had loved the 80’s hair bands. He was convinced that he would someday be a singer as he constantly worked on his voice but his parents never encouraged this. As with most military families they moved a lot he never really made any close friends and really the social skills he had he at first developed with his mother and other children he would develop fast friends. Best at the time but in the end, wouldn’t stay in touch as it was harder back then. At age sixteen he reached the equivalent of a High School Diploma and he even studied Spanish and became fluent in that as well by the time he was eighteen. Then then again had a cycle that would bring them back to Ft. Bragg this at the Age of nineteen is when he would parish in a car accident…. That the end nope that is just the beginning.

After the embrace his incident regarding it was reconstructed by his sire Meredith Ellaine Deupree. She simply took out the last thing that could attach him to the mortal world his parents died in a car crash with him inside. She took pity on the site of it and embraced him. His memory has been altered to this. (His father and mother are in the front seats it is raining heavily the front left tire pops and his father is unable to keep the vehicle under control. It ends up hitting the guard rail and rolling multiple times killing them all and he was saved because he was the youngest and Meredith took this pity on him.) The truth is that Meredith had kept his father as a contact for the couple previous years but then he had uncovered Vampires and then to protect the masquerade they created an accident she took him as a bonus to eliminating a breech in the Masquerade. Recently Meredith has formerly been recognized as an elder in their Home city of Atlanta, GA. She has apparently never miss treated him or, abused him for her own gratification to his knowledge. That is incorrect (Buried in his memories is the sign of the torture before the embrace to strip his willpower down and of course she had to wait to get permission to sire him. She has never revealed these talents to him. Well at least and let him keep the memory.) Under her tutelage though for the past twenty-seven years he has learned some valuable lessons. He can grasp four of the seven disciplines she knows. She has taught him how to spend blood and use it to help him in his physical stature is not that strong. The three disciplines that have escaped him are the physical ones. She has advised him they will come with time and usually require tutelage. She suggested a Brujah and Gangrel for the jobs. She said to be wary approaching any of the other clans about the knowledge of the physical arts. She was helpful in teaching basic law and politics. It took him a considerable amount of time to master the Clans madness and communication network as you say. But most of his time has been spent amassing deals with the clan Giovanni in Atlanta, GA at their Casinos. Meredith now wishes after preparing him in a slow transfer to New Orleans, LA. Once he is there she hopes that she will be able to expand he relations with the Giovanni and finally get them to teach her their abilities to speak with the dead. She also wishes to increase the partner ships that she was able to profit mutually with the Giovanni with. She knows Zach tends to party but also, he can be snobbish when need be. Zach can’t wait to be on his own as it will be the first time as kine or kindred to not have a parent around. He also wishes to strike more out on his own and has prepared jobs as translator, bought a storage container and shipping business, and talent recruit for the casinos brothels. He hasn’t found to much work but the older kindred in Europe when needing translators to the English that they never learned cause the never wished to experience the new world pay very well to speak with neonates.

History: News Article from Ft. Bragg Press April 21st 1969
Zachery West Paine born in 1950 on August the 9th in Ft. Bragg GA. Died 1969 on April 20th. At the time, he was Nineteen he lost his parents and brother in the horrific car accident that ended the youth’s life. The police department said that the funeral precession will be a closed casket. No Additional Details known.
“That was the Obituary that was written by my sire at the time technology had limited the availability and collection of information. Not that anybody in the town would have remembered my mother or anything of the nature as it didn’t name her. The sad truth is life is easily taken and discarded. But unlife as it is much more precious in many expectations.”

On 27 March 1997, word began to spread in Elysium that Zachery had been killed by werewolves while trying to drive from New Orleans to Mobile, Alabama. A rental car in his name had been found in Alabama overturned on the side of the road with the door ripped off. A pile of bone and ash was found not far from the scene. Based on the damage, the Camarilla investigators concluded that his death had been caused by a werewolf attack. It was known that Zachery had been involved in some shady dealings with other supernatural entities, so this came as little surprise to many in New Orleans.

Zachery Paine

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