Darkness in New Orleans

Street Rat (Justin)

If you're wondering, getting shot fucking sucks. For whatever reason these cabbie when offered a hundred dollars to make sure he didn't remember us freaks out and pulls a gun. Ya know, a lot of things since I've become aware has been like a movie. Trusty baton that has gotten me out of a lot of fights, well hitting his hand to drop the gun didn't work. What next, I bolted. I felt it before I heard.

It was a weird series of pain. First like ripping my leg open then hot FUCKING metal cooling in my blood. I'm still angry. Oh yea, you're a great deal pain but don't use your magic to solve the problem. Leave the damn bullet in your leg. I was in an alley, where the hell was I going to find forceps. Maybe I should magiked those into existence. Don't get me wrong, Lee is right. I should have let someone else do it, but I didn't know what to do and I could kind of feel the bullet burning. After being shot, I felt lectured. Lee and several adults started talking at me. Well…. if felt that way. I saw it happen from time to time when the police would come through the alleys, they weren't trying to have a conversation but spoke down to the bums.

We still did my plan but someone drove us there and then I DIDN'T GET SHOT. I just walked into a triangle place and walked out with a computer. Its come into play a few times where no one notices me. This was one of those situations. They kind of noticed me but if I coughed they thought it was just a sick employee. I just kept quiet. When it was over, we walked to the truck and drove off. No bullets, no knives.

The soldier woman says we have to break into a building to rescue a werewolf. Apparently werewolves make not werewolves go crazy. So another problem. Do I even have enough time to understand what is happening? I guess I'll find out in a few hours.

Little Willa, Chapter 4 Prologue

Deep in the Bayou, in the town of Labadieville, Sonny and Mitchell sharpen blades, clean guns, and make prayers to spirits in preparation for battle. The brothers are relishing the chance to fight with Magadon and rescue their shaman.

Sommer squeezes off shots at a gun range in Belle Chasse. She spots a gator down range. Not today. There will be time for that later. But today, Adelaide might need her help, so she needs to be ready.

On PHR34K W34Z3L's unattended laptop screen, an IRC window pops open:
K@11!k: hey there
K@11!k: …
K@11!k: I guess u aren't around
K@11!k: so missed connection I guess
K@11!k: I still have the fork and knife if you've got that cake
K@11!k: can u come by at 1:37 pm today?
K@11!k: crap. gtg. will msg u l8r

Meanwhile on Tyler's computer screen, a similar message pops up:
K@11!k: u never showed up…
K@11!k: it's kewl
K@11!k: i heard u were busy with stuff
K@11!k: if u get the chance i need 2 c u
K@11!k: i'll be at the same place at 1:37 pm
K@11!k: o ya i invited W34Z4L 2
K@11!k: dammit gtg. c u l8r i hope

Horatio Wilder kneels dutifully before the altar, "let the child be safe, my Lord. Bring this lost sheep back to the herd so that the shepherd may watch over. Give Your servant the power and strength she needs. By Your divine will, and in the name of your Son…"

"No you can't cut along the diagonal," Andrea scolds in the garden, "we're not making a flower arrangement for a vase, we're taking cuttings to replant. Attention to detail is important. It's okay, let me see that. There we go, everything is back to normal. Try again, cutting shortways. See how the Sphere of Life can rejoin links between living things anywhere in the Tapestry? It can even be used to bind together two Life Patterns that have never been the same. So you could fuse two bodies together. It's vulgar as hell, but imagine a Man in Black trying to chase you when he's got four sets of legs, two of which are on backwards, not to mention a backwards torso stuck to him."

Meanwhile, sterile ladders descend into a fathomless pit between rooms that hang to walls. People in white lab coats walk between them, murmuring softly. A distinguished old man speaks with a young woman, "containment is already prepared. But the specimen will need to be subdued. It would be best if its voluntary."
"I understand. Don't worry. I'll be ready," the young woman replies.

First weeks
Street Rat (Justin)

The last couple weeks, what a trip. I'm used to being ignored, not noticed. Then a group of strangers walk up to me like they've known me all my life. They pulled a Terminator 2 on me. Come with me if you want to live. First time in years, further I can remember, people noticed me directly. They came up to me and started the conversation. Didn't have to pull on their clothes or shout. So I went.

It was first time I accepted everything that cool little lion told me, I'm a mage and I have the power. For years, he was trying to convince me. For years, they guided me and I thought his words were idle homeless talk I heard from other ranting of aliens and dragons. The arc of lightning shot from gun finished the job. V.. Vug… Vulgar magic. Well it seemed vulgar to me. That poor junkie, I think hes alright. Wouldn't believe me if I told you rammed into a garbage bin so hard, I sent it flying at that the tech heads. Eventually Jewel gave us a way out.

I am still learning more advanced stuff. Making super speakers for a DJ. Trying to make and I'm not joking magic keys. Apparently the speakers were exactly what he wanted but I guess he kind of thought I was strange for it. Saying mages normally don't risk so much by making a wonder. When I smoke socially, I know I can make the weed stronger. I'm sure I can do it for other types of drugs. I don't like them much, weed is fine occasion.

Talk of paradigms and patterns still confuse me. Its weird to see the world and know I can reshape it. Lee told me never to try something like that, everyone on the planet will reject it and I'll be the one suffering the repercussions. Those keys though, they'll work.

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