Rage Setting

Arabi Pack

The most active pack in and around New Orleans is the Arabi Pack, currently based primarily in the Arabi suburb of New Orleans. Made up in large part by Uktena, their goal is the recapture of the Bayou St. John caern the ancestral home of their sept. The pack is currently led by Hunter, an Ahroun of great renown, but not an alpha without controversy. There are some in the pack who liken him to Don Quixote, on a seemingly valiant but pointless quest; these dissenters believer the pack should focus on protecting another caern, Jean Lafitte Park for example. Yet others believe his obsession with battling the Weaver is misguided and would prefer to focus their efforts upon the Wyrm. Nevertheless the pack continues to respect and follow Hunter for now.
Collin Ellery
Sonny Alder

Other Garou

Several other Garou make New Orleans and the surrounding areas their home. They have packs and purposes of their own. Some of the most important actors are listed below.
Sylvia Agthoven a Shadow Lord who lives in the Central Business District
Cornelius alpha of the Bone Gnawers
Merletta Master of the Rite and the oldest known Garou in Louisiana

Bayou St. John Sept

A sept without a caern, the Bayou St. John Sept lost control of the caern when mages working with the Works Progress Administration moved in during the 1930s. Since then, the caern has become a central home to the minions of the Weaver. The sept now dwells in the suburbs of New Orleans, primarily outside the city proper in neighborhoods like Arabi and Gretna.

Sept Positions

Sept Leader: Collin Ellery, homid galliard Fianna (Hunter previously held this position and would likely resume it if he ever returns)
Gatekeeper: vacant (Catches-Flies previously held this position)
Keeper of the Land: Marcus Aikema, Children of Gaia Kinfolk
Master of the Challenge: vacant (Kavony previously held this position)
Master of the Rite: Merletta, metis ragabash Uktena
Warder: vacant (Sonny previously held this position)
Caller of the Wyld: Vinicio, homid theurge Wendigo
Master of the Howl: Fleurette Jacobson, homid galliard Silver Fang
Talesinger: vacant (Collin Ellery previously held this position and still performs its duties until a permanent replacement is found)
Truthcatcher: Sylvia Agthoven. homid galliard Shadow Lord
Wyrm Foe: vacant (Mitchell previously held this position until his apparent death)

Rage Setting

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