Darkness in New Orleans

The Priss and the Pompus

Of all the things I've seen in the last month and change, there are some people I've come to dislike just off of my gut feeling. Thornton that rat bastard tech head is one of them. Stupid guy acting like we have to give up Layla. It sounds like she is going to be an avatar for the tech heads. All that only she is strong enough stuff. it sounds like they need to get better themselves instead of their head up their asses. But that is at the end.

There is some storm heading into the Louisiana. There is some weird structure of magic protecting the city but I wonder if it was a good thing to put it up. Its like sleeping in dumpsters. Most nights you don't have anything to worry about but if you forget what night the trash runs, you can wind up going for a ride. Ever been shook into the back of dump truck? Its not pleasant. The point is, some protections fail and you find yourself in a trash heap. It seems like the reason the "forces of the dymanic" fight so hard is because they were restrained and kept out. I don't know what to think about this. 

Lady Priss got to meet Lee and she seemed to enjoy it. She said he played wonderful music. That made me happy to hear. I hope those two hit it off. She seemed really helpful. She was able to let us know something called the Winter Court may be partly responsible and a guy to see. She said I probably wouldn't like him but the gun chicks might. When i see them next, I'm going the info to them. They might be able to do something with it.

Water. Safe place to be. Might challenge my way of thinking. Bed pan.


marionnen marionnen

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