Darkness in New Orleans

Old matters, so does tradition

Praise to the Loa, they help keep tradition.

When the spirits guide you, you must be willing it see it. When you move forward, its not always what you expect. We are helping another chantry locate a book after one of its leaders went through extreme mind induced quiet. Handing over a book that could teach a child how to use magic. Not so much awaken their avatars but merely able to dabble in the arts. We will see if they awaken.

The school, the church. It was hidden there by two children. From what we were told, they had even cast a spell or two. That place, the school; its well protected by many things but true faith protects it well. The evil spirit don't even go there. As any mage knows, faith and belief means power and those there have a lot of faith.

Guards of all eras love to help. Give the right offering and they will guard things wonderfully. They told me we were being watch not from our world. I wonder what that means.


Praise be to the loa.


marionnen marionnen

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