Darkness in New Orleans

Run, but you can not hide

Praise be to the Loa, they test us to help us grow.

Not all the loa are benevolent. Some seek to harm and cause misery. In times of great need, I am able to call upon them to do my bidding. I find it distasteful. Not every bit of my magic need a long prayer as least at the moment. Bindings of one's flesh, blindness, your hearing gone an so forth. Easily done. Focus and perform now, I pay later. I always pay later. 

Recently, I found a mule, the mule wanted money and the loa of greed came to it. Not just greed but the misery that comes from greed. Dear child still in school. I'm so sorry things happened to you, but I will get to the bottom of it. The price to be paid will be high for the spirit that gave you a child for whatever purpose it may it have. It seems you may not be the first, nor will you be the last if what that loa said is true. I wish nothing but the best for your child and yourself.

The loa got away; it just seems to want to ride the skin of that poor man feeding off of other's misery. I feel sad for the wife and any kids. I feel sad for the man himself. I am not a pious man, but my community is worth saving. But I know what he looks like. My familiar hunts him. Soon, I will find him and pacify the spirit. I tried to be peaceful and negotiate with it. The loa here know me well, when barter and words fail, I can crush them. If it won't be lulled back into a state of inactivity, I will destroy.

Praise be to the loa, they help us even when they don't know they do.



marionnen marionnen

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