Darkness in New Orleans

The First Hunt

He looked at his new pack. He would have to work with the two born as two leggers. They seemed about as comfortable as he was in the two legged form. They seemed to understand what they were supposed to do. They were the distractions. The other wolf born would push the deer closer to himself. self…. weird word. He smelled the deer. He saw how everyone else smelled it too. He flicked his ears at the Russ.

The trap sprang. The other stood up and the deer moved  towards himself. The deer was about ready to make a sprint for it. The deer looked and saw three wolves and predictable away from all three in the quickest path. It was directly towards himself. Russ would have known he was situated but the two leggers might not. In a moment the deer walked in front of him but it was too late. 250 lbs of beastly fury slammed into the deer and bite hard into its throat.  There was a sickening crunch as Red Face broke the deer's neck with a quick jerk. It was dead quick.

He signaled the others to join. He howled in victory.


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