Rage Downtime

Downtime is described briefly in the Werewolf: The Apocalypse (20th Anniversary Edition) book on page 240. In between each story session, the Storyteller will allow each character a certain amount of downtime. Sometimes there will be downtime during a story session as well. Unless otherwise specified, a character gets 40 hours of downtime for each week that passes by. This allows for the character to otherwise sleep, work a day job, and engage in the story while still pursuing personal interests and goals. It is a wise idea to track how downtime is spent and which Traits have been improved by downtime on your Character page. Following are some common examples of ways to use that downtime.

Improve Backgrounds

This is one of the most common ways to use downtime. As a general rule, backgrounds can be improved by putting time and effort into improving them to earn investment points. This is accomplished by spending downtime hours, usually in 8-hour increments, and using a die pool related to a background to increase the dots in that background. A die pool's value is simply added to the investment points in that background until the next rating is reached. As improving backgrounds usually involves a lot of legwork or sheer perseverence, Stamina is usually paired with an Ability to create the die pool. For example, Smells-Like-Fish wants to develop a relationship with a new Contact in the world of organized crime, so he uses his Stamina + Streetwise rating of 4 and invests 40 hours of downtime (5 increments of 8 hours). This gives him 4 × 5 = 20 investment points. Roleplaying downtime with a post to the Adventure Log or one-on-one with the Storyteller may grant a bonus investment points or even grant an automatic improved rating in that background in some cases.

Note: not all backgrounds can be improved in this way.

The cost to gain the first dot in a new background is usually 40 investment points. The cost for each successive dot is according to the following chart:

Total Dots Cost (investment points)
2 60
3 150
4 400
5 1000

Although the list is not exhaustive, some common examples of dice pools used to invest in backgrounds follow:
Allies: Charisma + Empathy or Stamina + Expression
Ancestors: Intelligence + Primal-Urge or Stamina + Enigmas
Contacts: Manipulation + Etiquette (high society contact) or Stamina + Streetwise (low society contact)
Kinfolk: Stamina + Leadership
Pure Breed: Stamina + Academics
Resources: Stamina + Crafts (working a trade) or Wits + Academics (investing money)
Rites: Rites are an exception to the rule on the amount of investment points it takes to learn; consult the Storyteller. First, the character must find someone to teach her the rite, then Stamina + Rituals is usually used.
Spirit Heritage: Stamina + Occult

Rage Downtime

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